Musa Ensete 'Maurelii'...  Also know as the Red Abyssinian.  If you like drama, this has beautiful reddish hues to the striking lime-green foliage.  The Red Abyssinian can reach soaring heights of 15 ft or higher in well fed and balanced soil when mature.  This non-hardy banana needs to be dug up for the Winter and stored.  This Banana cultivar is a heavy feeder and requires a bi-weekly fertilizer regimen with lots of water.  It will thrive once planted in rich soil.  These are fast growers and pics are approx size.

2 Ltr  $30                          7 Gal.  $80

Musa Basjoo...  Cold Hardiest of Banana plants.  Hardy to USDA Zone 5 when properly cut down and protected from damp cold.  Best to cut down at the sign of first Frost and cover with dry leaved or straw, then topped with a tarp to keep dry.  By Spring, they will ramp back up again and usually larger than the previous season, reaching dramatic heights of 8 - 10ft.  Great for the soft tropical and focal garden scape.  These are fast growers and pics are approx. sizes.

3 Gal $50                           7 Gal $75

Elephant Ear... Alocasia, Malanga.  Very tropical foliage can grow large to 5 or 6 ft across!  These are heavy feeders and thrive on hot humid conditions.  Great addition to any Exotic gardenscape. 

3 Gallon $45

The Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus... Locally grown in Niagara, this is a fast running perennial succulent cactus with jointed, rounded, but flattened, green stems, the segments of which are called “pads”. It may be horizontal or upright, growing up to a foot or more in height.  Typical of most cacti, the pads are armed with barbed bristles and spines. Yellow flowers bloom along the edges of the pads. The juicy, edible fruits are green, ripening to reddish-brown.  In Canada, although rare, the Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus is found only in Southern Ontario. There are two known locations, which are on sand spits along the shore of Lake Erie. Based on historical reports, this cactus may once have been marginally more widespread in areas near Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair.  Many of these are found in the Burlington area and in well places areas, and will deter critters.

MANY IN STOCK Starting at: $10 ea.

Crape Myrtle... From Deep Red Panicles to Dark Plum colours.  Rare in Canada and Southern Ontario, some Crepe Myrtle species are actually cold hardy even to zone 5, and can be trained to a tree like form with a champion main stem.  We have overwintered the purple variety.  These are another Southern staple and can be found on most front lawns or Boulevard runs that have 3 main sizes.  From dwarf, mid-size, and taller varieties.

   Too Many Styles and colours to choose from.  Call for Pricing, we'll tell you what works...

 3 Gal $95.00

Taking Spring 2024 orders now!



*NEW* Yucca Rostrata... Beaked Yucca as known in the trade, has a spiky with a blueish flavor of colour. If you're a traditionalist to the Southwestern landscape, and rock gardens, the cold hardy plant is perfect for you.  Once mature, this plant can tolerate temps down to -15c if kept dry. The Rostrata will form a trunk in time and will cast the desert landscape you've been looking for.  The Yucca Rostrata is quickly becoming the 'go-to' for many gardens and hardscapes.  

**NEW**  Southern Magnolia Grandiflora... A true Southern Staple.  Better know as the Southern Magnolia... These include 'Little Gem' - ' Bracken's Brown Beauty' - 'Southern Star'. Hardy once established.  Southern magnolias are native to the Southeastern United States, from Virginia south to central Florida, and then west to East Texas. 'Little Gem', a dwarf cultivar, is grown in more moderate climates as pictured here.  Larger formats on Request.

   Little Gem

  7 Gal $130                        15 Gal  $260                      30 Gal  $520

**NEW** Castor Bean...  More drama!  Red stemmed, Green Star shaped, dinner plate sized leaves, will grow up to 10ft in one Season.  Non-Hardy, will die back at first Frost.  Once the seed spurs emerge, these must be kept away from Children and Dogs.  

3 Gal $40

More than just Cold Hardy Palm Trees, at Niagara Tropics, we carry a variety of Southern favorites on demand.  A beautiful exotic landscape starts with the right plants.  Whether you are looking to add colour or a further splash to your anchor palms, Cold Hardy Southern Plants may just be what you need.  Everything from Azelias to Magnolias. Some popular ones that we carry below on demand.  Sizes are approximate and can vary from season.  Our Sourced material are from Certified FNGLA Growers, best in the business.  

Agave Americana... is cultivated as an ornamental plant for the large dramatic form of mature plants - for modernist, drought tolerant, and desert style cactus gardens, rock or arid gardens. we have successfully overwintered these arid plants over record breaking temperatures, however, it is often used in hot climates and where drought conditions occur. These plants are often used in landscape design in Southwestern U.S. and are now more commonly used in Southeast landscapes enduring hot humid climates.  Protection is key as they don't like damp-cold, and must be overwintered dry.  Once established, they will grow offshoots or pups.  Agave's will grow fast and must be kept away from walkways and passerby's as they are well-armed..  

3 Gal. $75                       7 Gal. $150                    15 Gal. $280