The Mediterranean Fan Palm is an extremely variable plant in colour, habit and size with several different forms being recognized. It ranges from a dwarf, ground-hugging multi-stemmed suckering shrub to a tall single trunked plant with small stiff leaves or drooping tipped large leaves, themselves of varying colour. Whichever type you choose they are Canadian tough when established, to any degree of drought or wind. When cut back by severe cold they will almost invariably come back from underground and are perfect companion plants for the hardier succulents like yucca with our protection.  Awesome palm!

​  3 Gal. $75 / 7 Gal. $150       15 Gal. $280                     30 Gal $520                      45 Gal. $875 ... or larger!

Needle Palm...This long lived cold hardy palm, perhaps the worlds most cold tolerant palm, has long fan shaped leaves and a densely spiny low growing trunk. It is native to the rich soil bluffs and bottom lands from South Carolina to Mississippi. It is a species of shady hardened forests. Leaves fan shaped 20” to 30” wide on a long slender leaf stalk, usually well over 3’ long on mature plants. Maximum height is about 6’ tall in Canada. Male plant often single stemmed, while females occur as mounding clusters with short vertical stems. This palm, unless abused, can live forever. Also, this palm has been planted to grow as far north as the great lakes and survives under snow cover.  Once established, minimal protection if any, is required especially from the cold dry Winter winds.  The Needle Palm requires Hot Summers to thrive in the coldest Winters.

3 Gal.$100                       7 Gal. $200                       15 Gal. $360                      30 Gal. $740                    45-65Gal. $1750

Sabal Minor....The Dwarf palmetto Palm is one of the most hardy species of palm, surviving ridiculously cold temperatures.  On my property close to the foundation wall, I was able to overwinter with slight protection. In Canada, it needs warm to hot summers to grow and reach its potential. Certainly limitless water and a rich diet will help speed this attractive palm along allowing its tough costapalmate fan leaves to be allowed at full spread.  I have overwintered these rather easily with very little signs of damage.  This is a great understory splash of tropical, and very easily mixes with your current Northern garden.   There are many varieties of Sabal Minor (Cape Hatteras, Louisiana, McCurtain to name a few) but vary marginally in cold tolerance. 

Saw Palmetto... ​The Saw Palmetto is very well known to our Southern neighbors as a very cold hardy and tough palm.  It's clumping format can slowly grow to 3'-4' after many years.  This smaller understory palm can provide an instant tropical feel with it's bright green foliage as a buffer between local plant elevations.  Silvery forms are also striking and stand-out, however, some folks claim they are not as cold tolerant however more robust.  Not easily transplanted and best grown in pots.

3 Gal. $80                         7 Gal. $160                       15 Gal. $240                    10 Gal Silver $260

Mule Palm...  New to Niagara Tropics, this Pindo x Queen hybrid is a slow grower that can really add accent to your poolscape.  Best placed in pots for the Coconut Palm appeal.  The Mule is a strong feather-leafed palm that can put up with strong winds and won't shred like Majesty palms.  

15 Gal.  $280                    30 Gal. $475                    45 - 65 Gal. $875

We simply have no overhead costs, we pass the savings directly on to you.  We've traveled to many suppliers in Northern Florida, and the Southeast, to pick the healthiest Products, and by avoiding potentially diseased single sourced palm farms.  We've been fortunate to have developed friendships and strong relations with the finest Northernmost of Southern growers.  This gives our inventory of Cold Hardy Palms and assorted Tropicals, some pre-exposure to colder temperatures and Frost.  Although we can't guarantee the material as Zone pushing is experimental however, this 'pre-acclimatization' along with our Niagara location, is distanced less, which reduces transport and overhead costs for even greater savings with a hardier product.  Sizes are approximate and can vary from season.  Our Sourced material are from Certified FNGLA Growers, best in the business.  

​​​​Windmill Palm is one of the most famous, of cold hardy trunking palms available. It is beautifully compact and grows to heights of 20-40 ft (6.1-12.2 m). This palm is a fantastic show piece to the focal point of your Canadian yard. Hardiness: USDA Zones 7B-10. This is a hardy palm and can withstand subfreezing temperatures. In its native habitat, this tough palm is sometimes subjected to a cover of snow and ice. Note that this plant should be planted in sheltered sites when grown in Zone 7b, and Zone 6 with our protection methods.  Excellent resistance to pests and diseases.

3 Gal. $75                       7 Gal. $150                    15 Gal. $280                   30 Gal. $520                  45 Gal. $850

The Sabal Palmetto... a.k.a Cabbage Palm.... When vacationing in Southeast, this is the most recognized of all Palms.  As the state tree of Florida and South Carolina, and with abundant plantings in Eastern North Carolina, most folks are familiar with this Southern favorite. Though less cold-hardy in colder areas, Palmettos can succeed with proper placement and some strong Winter protection.  Hardiness: thought to be hardy generally to about -10° C. After 3 year establishment.  It is recommended to plant smaller containerized Palmetto's to better acclimatize to this environment, where the new growing bud is largely underground and protected from the elements.  

For larger palms, it is preferred planting of a re-generated Palmetto and is recommended in Z7A... as shown to the left.

Pricing available on Request for large specimens, including Re-generated.

 Seedlings $2ea (Ltd Qty)     15 Gal: $280                     30 Gal Double: $800          Contact for pricing

3 Gal. $80                         7 Gal. $170                       15 Gal. $380                     30 Gal $575  

It's Summertime!! Enjoy your palms..Thank you for your orders!



The Pindo Palm....Butia Capitata is a variable, single-trunked gorgeous blueish-olive colour feather palm from South America, that has proved to be reasonably tolerant of cool, wet conditions, displaying strong winter hardiness, often without damage. This USDA Zone 8 tree typically has strongly arching leaves with their leaflets held in a pronounced V shape, giving the palm a particular grace and elegance that belies its size.  Some regions argue to it being named a different species, Butia Odorata.  With proper protection, you will enjoy the beauty of this unique palm as a total show stopper in Southern Ontario.

3 Gal. $65                     7 Gal. $140                   15 Gal. $280                  30 Gal. $520.00 ​             45-65G Gal.  $850.00